L'oree de la Palmeraie

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At Beyame, our mission is to offer luxurious and refined properties that reflect the lifestyle coveted by our target.

The launch of this new project, L’Orée de la Palmeraie, in October 2019, is part of our ambition to offer lovers of the ochre city  a place to live and enjoy themselves.

Today, more than ever, Beyame is committed through this project to offer you human-sized residences designed to fully live a modern life that combines intimacy and security, festivity and relaxation, closeness and a high quality of life.

We are happy to share with you the launch of this project and we hope that it will makes you and us happy in return.

As the manager of this project, I would also like to express my gratitude to our sales team and partners for their commitment, their sense of human ethics and their professionalism towards our customers. It is largely thanks to you that the project of more than 300 individuals/families will come true.

Mounir Cherrat
Managing Director of Beyame

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