In contrast to many countries, Morocco’s economy has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years. With its large cities, in particular Marrakech, which has a significant tourist attractiveness, it is not surprising to know that Morocco, more precisely the City of Marrakech, is the most profitable destination for a property investment.

Indeed, Marrakech has very high standard residences at very competitive prices. This city is a very good choice, because it also has a diversity of leisure places typical of Western countries, as well as very good quality real estate and water infrastructures. Such is the case of its Riads, (traditional Moroccan houses) which are mostly bought and renovated by foreign investors.

Located 3 hours by air from almost all European capitals, the city of Marrakech has a multitude of advantages that make it the ideal place for a real estate investment.

In addition to the tourist advantages of this city, the Moroccan government has revised its legislative and legal environment, which has become quite favourable to investment. Moroccan business law has been strengthened by the authorities to comply with international law standards. These include the revision of the Competition and Price Freedom Act and the establishment of several authorities such as the anti-corruption agency.

Also, with regard to all investors, there is a very diversified market with very strong and constant demand. This means that the real estate market is experiencing strong growth and shows all the signs of stability over time since it is made up not only of investors seeking profit and speculating on the real estate market but also of individuals, institutions and professionals who feel the need to make investments over the long term. The city of Marrakech would therefore be the ideal destination.

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