This is it, here they are, the most awaited decoration trends for  2019!

Fireplaces: In 2019, the fireplace is the essential decorative accessory that will bring a cosy touch to your home.

Geometric painting: Ideal for refreshing walls, geometric shapes give the interior a special, personalized, modern and refreshed character.

The vintage touch: The vintage style of decoration brings the furniture and accessories of the 1950s up to date. For a touch of nostalgia, we dive into bright or pastel colors, futuristic shapes, teak and formica furniture, as well as retro posters.

Plants : Essential to bring your interior to life.

The original wallpaper: This year again, wallpaper will be the star of our interiors! Whether adopted on a single wall or in a total look, it always brings character and singularity to our pieces.

Ceramics: it is no longer the one you knew, relegated to our grandmothers’ cupboards. It is exhibited, manufactured and returned to our interiors desirous of welcoming the authentic, the singular, the beautiful, the handmade. It is a bit of a part of it all at once!

Rattan: Natural or tinted, rattan adds character to the decoration, sometimes by giving it an extra softness, sometimes by giving it a more retro charm and a natural zest to the decoration. Rattan is so widespread that you can imagine it in any interior that matches any style of decoration.

The mirror: , a decorative element by excellence, it reinvents itself with style. The mirror is infinitely available and proves to us how attractive it is and how essential it is to our decoration.

Velvet: Unquestionably soft and pleasant to the touch, velvet goes well with any room that is looking for that peaceful and comforting atmosphere where you like to spend time. Usually, it is the bedroom and living room. Velvet can enter these rooms through accessories (bedspreads, cushions) or in total look to give character to the space, through a strong piece: the headboard or the sofa bed.

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